May 18, 2024

Definition of the term “Wax Trippin

The definition of the term “Wax Trippin” as annotated by Khafre Jay.

1. noun. a term that typically refers to the practice of manipulating vinyl records, specifically using turntables and a mixer to create unique and creative soundscapes by scratching, cutting, looping, and blending different records together in real-time. It is a technique commonly used by DJs, particularly in the Hip-Hop music genre, to create dynamic and engaging live performances.

2. verb. “Wax” is a colloquial term for vinyl records; “Trippin’” refers to the psychedelic and experimental nature of the soundscapes that can be created through this technique.

3. adjective. In relation to something appearing visceral.

Eg: “She’s out here Wax Trippin.”

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