May 18, 2024

Equipto & Brycon – “Cant Stay Perched All The Time” (Album)

with Aagee, Jesus “Frisco Lens” Coba, MC Pauze, Mcstravick, Monk HTS, Phesto Dee (Souls of Mischief, & Hieroglyphics), Professa Gabel & Rachel Panni

The evolution of Bay Area hip hop has taken many twists and turns over the course of it’s history. Incorporating storytelling tactics, old school influences, and a unique sound that can only be attributed to the Northern California region, we’ve seen so many legends come out of a 6900 square mile space.
Combining a one-of-a-kind sound with a DIY aesthetic, the new album from underground legend Equipto and Brycon,“Cant Stay Perched All The Time”, is a modern re-imagining of the classic Bay Area underground tape tradition, perfected in the late 90s by revered groups such as Hieroglyphics, Living Legends and Bored Stiff (of which Equipto is also a member).

On previous projects like The Watershed (2017) and Don’t Forget You’re Welcome (2021), the duo’s chemistry was on full display, and with the additional support of The Watershed members such as Monk HTS, MC Pauze, and Professa Gabel, they were able to create an ensemble experience for listeners who sought out something different in hip hop. Music that combined introspective lyrics with conscientious messaging and powerful production.

Continuing on that same path, but expanding the message even further, “Can’t Stay Perched” is both tribute and experiment (and possibly only masquerading as a rap record).  Stepping back from a long held spotlight and Equipto continues to grow into his role as a godfather emcee, letting the features and heavy sample-work take a front seat at times.  For long term fans, it should be low-key fascinating to hear 30 years of evolution on display, while new listeners are all but sure to be captivated by the phenomenon known as Mostly The Voice.  On the production side, Brycon’s countless time spent listening to Bay Area indie rap in the 90s has paid off.  Samples from the deep end, drums ranging all the way from grimy to dusty and an endless store of vocal snippets all combine to create a hypnotic effect on listeners.

This is an album made by true music lovers for like-minded individuals, and in turn, a vast array of musical styles, vibes and voices come together under one roof.  While never too preachy, the entire cast of characters aligns with a simple message, one that’s written right across the front cover.

Available for purchase on Bandcamp and streaming everywhere.

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