May 19, 2024

Music + Mixes

Stay tuned for exclusive Wax Trippin music and mixes.

DJ Lex Live in Oakland – November 30, 2021

DJ Lex kicking off a TeaKakez Comedy showcase at the Moxy in Oakland, CA.

Classic Hip-Hop Mix

For your listening pleasure. More coming soon.


DJ Lex and Ty Stick take you on a explosive journey… each track follows a story of these two artists who decide to rob a bank for cash to launch their CD … with lyrics and beats that explode like gun fire Ty Stick and DJ Lex shoot their way through The Situation. Aiding and abetting are Hieroglyphics artists Opio, Pep Love & A-Plus, with JC and Pacman.

Doom of Mischief

2 cuts of MF Doom vocals over classic Souls of Mischief production. Mixed by AT Cooper & DJ Lex.

Coop’s AnalOG Mix Vol 1.

A Hip-Hop of mix of various styles and eras, recorded from vinyl to 1/2″ reel-to-reel.