May 19, 2024

Professa Gabel & Brycon’s “Corner Booth” LP

Many of the great entertainers of our time have been defined by their ability to riff on a theme.  As repetition sharpens a sword, an artist is defined and revealed by their choice of subject matter.  And as they dig deeper into their own central concepts, their connection with the audience deepens through recognition of a universal truth (somewhat regardless of the subject matter).  This is the case in avariety of genres; there are a million recordings about love, lust and loss, but everyone relates to a song about good food.

Shot by Keith Thompson from Professa Gabel and Brycon’s upcoming music video, “This or No”.

On their new double-EP “Corner Booth”, Professa Gabel & Brycon demonstrate their take on “Lifestyle Rap”, expanding on the philosophy known as “10 Flights”; depictions of stoic celebration and lavishness, with lush sonic accommodations to match.  While this approach is perhaps more fun than unique; real nourishment and (inedible) Easter-eggs begin to appear between the constantly imagistic food bars. Over the course of the eleven Brycon-produced tracks, Professa Gabel’s calm but menacing flow describes a world far beyond the 7×7 miles of San Francisco he grew up in.  Possessing both Golden-Era sensbilities – molded by mentors Cyph4 & Frisco legend Equipto, and impeccable versatility (a staple of many Bay artists), he manages to maneuver between lanes with total ease.  Collaborating with rising stars like Stunnaman02, The Jealous Guys, Ozer and Afterthought, as well as his own incredible OSK & The Watershed collectives, he has managed to put together a heavyweight catalog in a few short years of grinding.  Beyond this glowing list of accomplishments, the raw and disarming nature of his words and persona have a way of resonating with listeners of all types.

The Chef De Maison at Chez Corner Booth is Brycon, a North Carolina to Bay Area transplant with 20+ years of production work to his credit, including sporadic collaborations with a wide range of rap notables (Action Bronson, Awol One, Kool Keith, Murs), projects with soloists Equipto, Amani Jade, Xiomara & more, fully realized groups such as Diamond Lung, Grand Killa Con and The Watershed, and a number of solo projects to his credit.  A busy 2021 didn’t dilute his formula one bit, as the beats on “Corner Booth” continue to compel listeners with their beautiful simplicity and periodic moments of wild abandon.

Professa Gabel & Brycon’s easy chemistry and shared good taste shine throughout this project, which covers a ton of musical ground and includes an amazing cast of co-stars.  “Corner Booth” is an album familiar in concept but delectable in nature, and people are always hungry for something they didn’t know existed yesterday.

Featuring Equipto, Cyph4, MC Pauze, Monk HTS & Ozer

Produced by Brycon with co-production from Baghead, Chris Haynes & Gahn

Available now on major streaming platforms.

Cassettes and CDs available at Bandcamp

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